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Jun 30, 2018

Smudging to cleanse your house of Negative Energies.


So does anyone else know about Smudging? We do this every month or so, because we feel that every place you go and everyone you meet can pass along a little of their own negative energies onto you and those energies can settle in your house and in some cases cause problems to your physically or mentally so we burn incense made from the bark of a Wormwood Tree, but you can use different items like dried Sage.

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  • Admin
    Jun 30, 2018

    So along with cleansing your house and home of negative energies that you may pick up in your travels or meeting people, so to can you cleanse yourself. Ever feel sick or down for now reason, and usually gets worse as it gets later in the day or have you ever been to the Doctor for something they cannot seem to find any cause for your problems? We have experienced these symptoms on many occasions and now before we get to worried and run to the Doctor we try something along the lines of smudging your house. We have a powder form of what we smudge our home with called Wormwood and we soak in our bathtub in this powder and for many of the issues we started out with seam to clear up or, as we say, lifted away. What I do is wash up first, then run a bath while adding in whatever you like along with a teaspoon of Wormwood Powder (dried Sage works also) and soak from head to toe. Let me know what you think or if you have any questions on this subject please.