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Beef Tenderloin W/ Caper, Garlic Butter Sauce

Hello again to all my friends, families, and fellow Veterans. This is Charles, your Veteran/ Army Food Service Specialist, here again with another great tasting, healthy recipe and differently one of my favorites.

Now I would have loved to start this recipe off by saying, “I am using Beef Filet Mignon”, but who the heck can afford that? So we got the next best thing and at a great price at our local grocery store, so remember to always keep a keen eye out for those great deals and get them when you can.

Let me start by saying that Beef is great for boosting your mood, who does not feel better after eating a great steak. This is one of many recipes I will be borrowing from my wife, and who I have learned so much from, to include some of the best cooking techniques and ideas. Yes dear, I told them it is your recipe, okay she is good. So let’s talk a little bit about our ingredients in this recipe.

Beef - As a nutrient dense red meat, beef contains a number of nutrients that are critical to the development and maintenance of key functions in the human body. In fact, several of these nutrients are not found in any other type of food in the abundance and correct proportion that human physiology demands and they are Iron, Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin B6, B12, and Amino Acids. https://factsaboutbeef.com/category/nutrition/

Capers - the unripened flower buds of Capparis spinosa or Capparis inermis, prickly, perennial plants native to the Mediterranean and some parts of Asia. Capers are one of the plant sources high in flavonoid compounds rutin (or rutoside) and quercetin. Capers are in-fact very rich source of quarcetin (180 mg/100 g) second only to tea leaf. Both of these compounds work as powerful anti-oxidants. Research studies suggest that quercetin has anti-bacterial, anti-carcinogenic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. http://www.nutrition-and-you.com/capers.html

Garlic- Medicinal benefits are as a bacterial growth inhibitor and are a natural antibiotic because it is high in Allicin, it can boost the immune function by stimulating white blood cells, and has compounds that serve as blood thinners(be careful if you are already taking blood thinners). http://www.garlicbenefits.org/index.html

Butter- not that fake stuff, only the real stuff will do in our home. It is all about animal fat when we cook and I urge everyone to cook with animal fats and to stay away from vegetable oils. If you want to use alternate oil please choose Olive or Coconut oil. As my wife’s grandmother use to say, “if hot water will not rinse off the oil, just think of what it will do to your body”, thanks Grammy for the old world wisdom. http://www.fitforduty.org/?p=475

So now let’s get on with the recipe and preparations needed.


Beef Tenderloin cut into ½ inch steaks- 2 per person

Capers- 1oz coarsely chopped

Garlic- 2 cloves crushed and coarsely chopped

Butter- 3 tbsp.


This will seem to easy so stay with me on this, first take your steaks and marinate them in any

Remove the pan from the heat, and then add more butter to your pan to slowly melt and create a wonderfully creamy sauce that will go over your steaks.

Again I hope you have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy this recipe and have a great day.

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