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Grammie's Three Bean Chili

Hello everyone, this is Charles your Veteran Army Culinary Arts Specialist bringing you another great recipe I have borrowed from my wife’s collection (I actually helped her to create this one). Talk about Mood Food…..This one is so good, it will keep your mood up just smelling it while it is cooking and I just want to eat this page while thinking about it.


3-4LBS Ground Beef- Browned

4-6 Garlic Cloves- Chopped

2 Onions Large Whole- Chopped

2 Bell Peppers- Chopped- color is up to you

4 TBLS Chili Powder

2 TSP Mexican Oregano

2 TSP Cumin

1 14.5oz can each of Black, Kidney, Pinto beans- drained and rinse as needed

2 14.5oz can of diced tomatoes- any type

24oz tomato sauce- any type

1 TSP Cheyenne Pepper Powder- optional for a spicier flavor

1 TSP Sea or Kosher salt- optional to taste

1 TBLS Fish sauce- optional for extra umami flavor


Start by browning the ground beef in large, deep frying pan or Dutch oven. Drain off most but not all of the fat that will gather in the pan, then add the next three ingredients and spices and cook until the vegetables are tender.

Transfer all cooked ingredients into a 6 QRT slow cooker, placed on high heat, then immediately add remaining ingredients, except for the salt and fish sauce.

The salt and fish sauce are optional and to be added as needed for that extra Umami flavor. Let cook on high heat for as long as you can wait for it to cook; we cooked ours for 12 hours before I could not wait any longer and dove into it.

Sorry if the bowl looks messy, I had already eaten one bowl of this chili before I realized I had not taken any pictures of the finished product. Trust me you will understand what I mean when you make this wonderful chili recipe. I like to add shredded cheese and maybe some crackers when I eat it, so try different toppings, and I hope you enjoy this chili as much as we did making if for you.