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The Devil is in the Tea Eggs

Deviled Tea Eggs/ Marbled Eggs

Hello everyone, this is Charles, your Army Veteran Food Service Specialist. Now I have always believed in the healing power of Egg Yolks and more and more Doctors seem to be coming around to agree with me. The biggest benefit to eating Egg Yolks is the high level of Choline that helps boost your mood (great for the holidays) but helps protect us from age-related declines in our Cognitive Functions, here is a link from Dr. Chris Masterjohn that goes into a more in-depth details on the healing effects of Egg Yolks.

But I wanted to give you a little recipe to help you enjoy them even more over the Holiday. I have invited the East to join us here in the West at our Thanksgiving table with a Twist on an old Holiday Favorite called Deviled Tea Eggs or Marbled Deviled Eggs to get our grandkids to eat them (they may think the Easter Bunny made them…..shhhhhh).

I fell in love with these Tea Eggs first after my wife made them for me after we met, then again while I had a chance to visit Taiwan with her, who was incidentally, “Made in Taiwan”, and eating this tasty snack that was sold in the local 7/11 (local meaning they are on every street corner), and thought this is too good to keep to ourselves. So I am bringing the recipe of the Tea Egg to you and what better way to present this to your family then at the Thanksgiving Table.

Okay let’s get started with our preparations by soft boiling a dozen or so large eggs, make as many as you like because with the Tea/ Brine mixture, they hold very well in the fridge for about a week as whole cooked eggs, but do not peel them until you are ready to use them because they seem to . Bring your eggs to a boil then shut of the heat but keep the eggs covered for about 10 minutes as you prepare the Tea/ Brine mixture.

You may want to cool off your eggs at this point so you can well crack them, but do not peel them before placing them into your Tea/ Brine mixture.

In a large pot add 1.7 liters of water; bring to a boil while you add in ingredients then let simmer for 15 minutes before you add your eggs in:

5 whole Star Anise

1 TBL spoon of 5 Spice Powder

6 whole Cloves of Garlic

1 half cup of Soy Sauce

1 TBL spoon of Kosher or Sea Salt- no table salt

1-2 of your favorite dark blend Tea Bags

Again after 15 minutes of simmer add in your well cracked eggs, but be very careful so you do not splash the hot liquid on yourself or anyone else.

From this point on you let the cracked eggs simmer for at least 3-4 hours if on the stove top, about twice as long in a crock pot, because you want the deep color to get all the way into the yolk. Also you can add more Soy Sauce for a darker color or more Kosher/ Sea Salt for a salter taste preference. You can actually keep this brine in your freezer to be used again.

Now the fun part begins. When you feel your eggs are where you want them to be in both color and taste, just start peeling them to see the wonderful marble coloring you have created on your soon to be deviled eggs. After you have peeled, admired, and taste tested your marbled eggs, the rest of your family can enjoy these wonderful eggs while they are hot, room temperature, cold, or even deviled.

Then if you like you can start the process of turning your marbled eggs into deviled eggs by using your favorite deviled egg recipe; just remember your eggs may already be very salty, so adjust your seasoning accordantly. I used the following ingredients to devil my Tea Eggs.

For 4 Eggs I used:

1 TSP of Apple Cider Vinegar

3 TBL of Chipotle Mayo

Black Pepper to taste

No extra salt was needed.

I hope you enjoyed this segment on the Healing Power of Eggs along with my personal Deviled Tea Egg Recipe and I look forward to bringing you more great Food Healing Facts and recipes for you to try. Have a great day and wonderful Holiday Season.