• Charles special recipe

Spicy, Sweet, and Sour Salmon Heads


2 Salmon Heads with collar on

5 Green Onion- sliced thinly

5-6 Large Garlic Cloves- Crushed and finely chopped

2 TBLS Ginger- peeled and fine julienne

2 TBLS Hot Bean Paste

2 TBLS Balsamic or Worcestershire Sauce

5-6 TBLS High Quality Soy Sauce

1 tsp. Your Favorite Hot Sauce

1 TBLS Sugar

1 TBLS Corn Starch – dissolved in qtr. Cup of water

2-3 TBLS Oil or Butter (anything but Veggie Oil for your health)


Begin by browning your fish on Medium/ High heat in Olive oil, pork fat, or butter, but please do not ever use Veggie oil, it is one ingredient away from becoming plastic. Thinly slice your green onion using the whole onion, the white part for the sauce and the green for topping when completed. Crush and finely chop your Garlic and peel and fine Julienne your Ginger. Add all ingredients once you have browned one side of your fish except for the sugar and corn starch. Once your sauce comes to a boil, turn down to simmer for 5 minutes then turn your fish over again as needed while cooking to get sauce on all sides. Once you feel your fish is done to your liking remove fish and bring sauce back to a boil, add sugar, and corn starch slurry for thickening as you like and extra water as needed. Note: You should know that you have to have the ginger, green onion, and garlic for sure, everything else is to your own taste. Best served with Hot Rice.

In case fish heads are not your thing, we did the recipe again using 2 pounds of Cod and it turned out great also. The only thing we noticed while cooking was all the liquid that was injected into the fish.

Here is the finished dish using Cod over Rice

Food for thought, Food for Healing:

Salmon for TBI, PTSD, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, and even BLOOD CLOTS because, Salmon

oil is rich in Omega 3, and with a high content of EPA and DHA (amino acids). Contributing to

lower cholesterol and triglyceride plasmas. It also increases the flow of blood, which prevents the formation of blood clots. DHA is essential for normal brain development and vision. During the rest of life its intake is recommended in children to prevent attention disorders and in the elderly in order to avoid neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson´s. The EPA encourages the production of the Series 3 prostaglandins, which reduce blood clotting by preventing a higher rate of thrombosis, in turn, act on the wall of blood vessels to reduce blood pressure.

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