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Healing Herbal Tea

Hello again and Happy Holiday from Charles, your Veteran Army Culinary Specialist. Now if a mug of homemade Herbal Tea is, “Not Your Cup of Tea”, then you may want to re-think your feelings on this issue now that the Weather outside is frightful with Cold and Flu season being not so delightful. I am sure you are thinking about now, “this is not mood food”, but all I can tell you is when I get sick, it definitely ruins my mood.

I am bringing you another great recipe from my wonderful wife, who actually got it from her Herbalist brother, with Healing Herbal Tea that is perfect for this time of year or any time of year if needed. I will tell you the ingredients and how to prepare this great recipe, and then explain in more detail about the healing properties of each ingredient.

Ingredients are as follow: 1-2 whole orange peel, the peel can be fresh, frozen or dried ½ in segment of Ginger, thinly sliced- Peeling the outer layer is not necessary. 3-4 Root Tops from a Green Onion- Yes the part you would either replant or toss out. 3-4 Cilantro sprigs- That means the leaves on the stem 1-2 Basil Sprigs- Again leaves on the stem 1 Mint Sprig- this is an optional ingredient for flavor Honey- again this is an optional ingredient for flavor 4 cups of water

Preparations are as follows:

First place the orange peel, Ginger, and Green Onion Root into a saucepan with the water on a high heat to boil, then simmer for 10-15 minutes, bring back to boil, add the Cilantro, Basil, and optional Mint as you turn off the heat. This recipe will make at least 2 coffee mugs of herbal tea. Add ½-1 tsp honey to mug before adding liquid, enjoy it hot. This recipe can be doubled or made ahead for later use as needed. Now the optional ingredients are up to you, but I think you would like to have them because they are both ingredients that add to your overall health and they make this Herbal Tea taste better.

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