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"Show the world how our Vets, and everyday people have become healthier by changing how they see the food they eat".

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Veteran Navy Corpsman 

M. B. Says:

For well over 18 years I had suffered from aching joints, muscle pain, lightheaded, brain fog, and the symptoms of fibromyalgia while on what the Doctors told me was a heart healthy diet. So sick of being sick, and tired of being tired, I took matters into my own hands and started eating fatty meats, whole eggs, green veggies, and cut out carbs. Within just a matter of days all my problems and symptoms started to clear up, so I know first hand what food can do to you if you are consistently eating what your body does not want or need. So learn to listen to your body because it is smarter than you think.

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Waiting on your  testimonial.

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